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3792 First Choice Series 3790 Rim Panic Exit Device - Standard & Electric Latch Retraction
$ 179.99
Packaging powerful security into a compact size, the 3792 can be mounted on doors with stiles as narrow as 2” and includes a 1” forged steel latch bolt. Non-handed and available for doors up to 4 feet, the 3792 is a convenient solution for demanding, busy traffic conditions.

These durable devices are ANSI Grade I (500,000 cycles) and UL Listed. Striking anodized finishes are accented with high-performance coatings on solid metal end clips.

The 3792, EL3792, MEL3792 can retrofit the old Dor-0-Matic crash bar (part # 2090) and it also can replace the Dor-0-Matic 1790.

**Aroyan Can Not Warranty a EL/MEL Device if a First Choice Power Supply (PSEL1500/PSEL300-2/PSMEL1500-1/PSMEL2000) IS Not Purchased with the Device at the time of order**
(48" Panics are only strocked in standard/manual version. 48" EL/MEL Panics are Factory Order)

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First Choice L3 Lever Trim for 3690/3790 Manual Series Exit Devices
$ 324.99
Utilizing a unique gear system these levers will operate the CVR or Rim exit devices. Manual levers can be set for both Hold Back or Night Latch. All levers are designed to work with most common mortise cylinders. A security collar is included. Available in powder coat finishes to match clear aluminum or dark bronze.

"M1" Night Latch = Turning key as far as it will go retracts the latch. Key MUST be returned to the original position to be removed, leaving the handle locked.

"M3" Hold Back = Turning key one complete rotation unlocks the handle. If Key is removed in this position, the handle stays unlocked, allowing entry anytime. Returning the key to the original position before removing allows the handle to become locked again.

"M2" Passage = The lever is always operable and cannot be locked against entry.

"M0" Inactive = The lever acts as a pull only and is inoperable.

"E1" Electrified Operation Control Option for lever handle - Can be unlocked remotely using 24vDC low amperage (.5 amps)

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