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Door Closers

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LCN 4110-18 Mounting Plate
$ 34.99
LCN 4110-18 PA Mounting Plate for LCN 4111 EDA Closer Learn More
International 8051-TP Versatile Mount Replacement Door Closer

Regular Price: $ 51.99

Special Price: $ 45.00

Closeout Price - "Aluminum Painted" - 689 only
They use the same hole pattern as 1601 Norton, SC60 Doromatic and Hager 5300, Stanley QDC300 series.

Plastic Cover Included.

Buy a Case ( Qty = 6 Units and save Per unit )

Learn More
Norton 1601 Closer

Regular Price: $ 74.99

Special Price: $ 65.00

The 1600 Series door closers offer proven quality, performance and reliability unmatched by the competition. A staple in the industry, these ANSI/BHMA Grade 1closers are designed for exterior or interior doors. A full complement of regular and heavy-duty arms, brackets and options make the 1600 Series closers ideal for virtually any medium traffic, commercial application.

One-piece, heavy duty cast aluminum body
Adjustable 1-6
Full complement of arms available as hold open or non-hold open
Maximum degree of swing is 180°, trim permitting
Tri-style® packaging: regular, top jamb or parallel mounting
2-7/8" projection

High strength aluminum alloy closer body provides for long life
Independent latch, sweep and backcheck intensity valves to ensure positive control
Broad variety of arms and applications for any environment
Quick adjust slide arm for easy installation and adjustment
Non-handed for installation on right- or left- hand swing door
Exceeds 25 million cycles
25-year limited warranty
Longer life results in fewer replacements and less material used
Covered by Norton End-of-Life Recycling Program
Learn More
ADAEZ / Norton 5800 - 1 3/4" Pushbutton Assembly - with RF Transmitter 1012-2

Regular Price: $ 104.99

Special Price: $ 74.99

Norton - 1 3/4" Pushbutton Assembly - with RF Transmitter 1012-2
Learn More
ADAEZ / Norton 5800 - Battery Assembly 1007P
$ 104.99
Battery Assembly for ADAEZ / Norton 5800 1007P
Backward compatible with previous closer assemblies.
On-Off switch on body.
Replacement 24 volt Lithium-ion Battery provides reserve energy to open doors up to 2000 times with no regeneration. Learn More
ADAEZ 1015P Hardwire Kit - Transformer, Armored Door Cord, 50' of Cable
$ 139.99
HARDWARE KIT – Enables operator to be used 100% automatically plus may engage Power Close and Push-N-Go Features – includes -Transformer, Armored Door Cord, End Links.
Learn More
ADAEZ / Norton 5800 - 4 1/2" Pushbutton Assembly - with RF Transmitter 1019-2
$ 139.99
ADAEZ / Norton 5800 - 4 1/2" Pushbutton Assembly - with RF Transmitter 1019-2
Qty= ONE Pushbutton

Learn More
ADAEZ 1023 External Battery Charger Kit
$ 139.99
Norton ADAEZ - External Battery Charger Kit ADA1023
External charge will come configured with the correct plug to connect into the ADAEZ battery. Learn More
Stanley QDC115 Heavy Duty Closer Extra Duty Parallel Arm
$ 159.99
Grade One Heavy Duty Surface Door Closer.
Same Hole Pattern As LCN 4110 / 4041
Tri-pack Mount and Sex Nuts and Bolts are Standard.
Lifetime Warranty

QDC115 - Heavy Duty Parallel Arm - Push Side Applications Only - IN STOCK

Learn More
Dorma RTS 88 Overhead Concealed Closer - REPLACEMENT BODIES ONLY AND 11/16" SPINDLE
$ 174.99

NOTE: Aroyan stocks 11/16" (+5mm) spindles instead of 1/2" at NO EXTRA CHARGE

The RTS88 is designed to give lasting, dependable service where surface applied units and other types of closers are not suitable, or would interfere with the architectural design. It can be easily installed in wood, aluminum, or hollow metal doors and frames, for single and double-acting doors.

Available in Ansi 3, Ansi 4, and Ansi 6 - bodies only

Ansi 3 = Up to a 3'-0" Exterior Door or 3'-6" Interior Door
Ansi 4 = Up to a 3'-6" Exterior Door or 4'-0" Interior Door
Ansi 6 = Up to a 4' Exterior Door or 4'-6" Interior Door

* 1/2" Spindal models have a one week lead time. Learn More
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