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400 Screw Spline Curtainwall    
  •  The 400 Screw Spline Series outside glazed curtainwall system can be used as a full curtainwall system in a wide variety of applications. 
  • Infill glass up to 1” is exterior mounted to reveal less metal.  A screw-applied pressure plate holds the infill in position while snap covers provide an appealing façade in a matching or contrasting finish.
  • 400SS Curtainwall has a 2-1/2" width and is available in a variety of overall depths ranging from 5-7/8" to 13-1/4". 
  • Two piece intermediate screw splined verticals can be used as expansion joints lowering the need for shear blocks and reducing fabrication time and costs. 
    • Installation is very simple as all sections can be delivered to the jobsite pre-assembled.

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400 Screw Spline Curtainwall
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Examples of 400 Series Screw Spline Curtainwall Projects can be viewed by clicking on the image below

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