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Curtainwall Products
  • Aroyan, Inc. has been designing, engineering, and manufacturing many different types of Curtainwall systems for over 50 years.
  • Our in-house engineering capabilities, combined with our many years of experience and our unyielding devotion to “Peace of Mind” with every product we manufacture, have propelled us to become an industry leader in Curtainwall manufacturing.  
  • At Aroyan, Inc. we understand that these systems typically span very large glazing areas with high dynamic wind forces and that public safety is of the utmost priority.  We design, engineer, and manufacture every system as if our own children are playing on the other side of the glass.
  • Our structural engineering team always maintains the highest possible safety factor in the analysis and manufacturing of each structural component of every Curtainwall job.  We analyze our systems with both the static and dynamic wind factors in mind in order to insure long-term stability of all components as the system flexes. Our engineering team is well known and respected among local architects, and we are always eager and willing to assist in an original design.
  • These systems are manufactured completely under one roof in a controlled environment.  Every shear block clip is torqued and quality control checked for total safety every time.  Every weep hole is perfectly located; every joint is perfectly cut and hairline joined; every DLO is created to a plus or minus “zero” tolerance.  Once these Curtainwalls are ready for installation, they are delivered to the jobsite on our specially designed low bed trailer, hence allowing for our same team to assemble in-house as much as possible.  As part of our commitment to public safety, Aroyan’s Curtainwall systems are only sold to reputable glazing contractors who can prove they have a minimum of 10 years installing such systems with an unblemished track record.
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200  Curtainwall    400 Series Curtainwall      400 Screw Spline Series 
  400 IG Series Curtainwall 

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