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Metal Panels  
  • We stock a wide array of Architectural metal panels in different finishes and thicknesses.  All are designed to be glazed in to our framing systems and or doors.

    • We stock 4'x 8' sheets and 5'x 10' sheets in 4 different colors, Silver-Grey Metallic, Dark Bronze, Bone White, and Hartford Green.  These Composite Panels are in stock at 1/4" and 1".

    • By Aroyan stocking these panels, you can rest assured with every job that requires it, your panels will be cut perfect size AND glazed in if possible before loading in to our truck for delivery.

  • With custom door mid panels the possabilities are endless.
    Make a beautiful entrance with you company's logo being the first thing your customer views.
  • Custom door mid panels with decrotive logos can be made and furnished into our doors for a unique and completely custom look.


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