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Hardware Consultants

    •  Aroyan Inc, having over 60 years experience in the ever changing storefront hardware business possesses a vast knowledge and understanding of applications, functions, security access, and a relationship to A.D.A. (Americans with Disabilities Act). Our estimators, engineers and hardware applications team are every day hard at work to stay up to date in their knowledge of Push/Pull Design, Locking Systems, Door Closers and Vestibule Design.  Respect for handicap accessibility is priority with our employees. 

    • The most challenging and fastest developing aspect of the business of hardware is security access. For years Aroyan Inc, has been a leader in this field, but recent nationally heightened awareness has created an extreme concern for all business owners and federal institutions.  We thrive on this newly found awareness and accept it as a chance to show how innovative we are. Our knowledge of security systems will allow us to make sure only the people approved to gain entry will be allowed.

  • We welcome calls every day to discuss solutions for our customers to jobsite concerns.  Even if they need help with a competitor’s product, we are willing and eager to help.  We are always proud to be able and possess the knowledge to assist with hardware.  Classroom exercises take place periodically as new hardware comes on the market to ensure our staff clearly understands the product(s).  This allows us all to have the ability to pass on this information to you, our customer, to provide “Peace of Mind” to every building owner and American Citizen. 


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