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Custom Architectural Design/Engineering
  • For over 60 years, Aroyan Inc, has been working directly with engineers, glazing contractors and architects to provide the building owners with the highest quality entrances and curtain wall available.
  • Our staff is composed of an architectural engineer and a structural engineer, along with an engineering team provided with the most technologically advanced computer software and hardware to provide our customers with fast, professional design proposals and/or structural calculations. 
  • Our ability to design and engineer in-house gives us the logistical advantage demanded by architects today.
  • Having engineers on staff possessing understanding of specialized aluminum framing systems and utilizing advanced CAD techniques allows us to look immediately well “BEYOND THE BOX” to assist architects in coming up with designs for special requirement jobs to meet their needs. 
  • We can design and engineer a brand new complete system within a few weeks or simply generate a new die design within one day.
  • At Aroyan Inc, we have a reputation to uphold as the highest quality product available on the market. 
  • As engineers, we are very conservative in our approach of design when we analyze framing systems for public safety factors.  In fact we have consciously refused many jobs in the past that, in our opinion, were borderline “passable” from a structural standpoint. 
  • Every time we check a design for imposed stresses, we assume our children are “in school” on the other side of the glass.  Yes, this usually ends with more metal in the framing, but it provides our customers and their customers with the most valuable product they can purchase, and that is Peace of Mind.


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