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Custom Bifold Door  



  • Aroyan, Inc.'s Bifold Doors are custom designed to allow for a complete opening of a restaurant or retail space to the sidewalk. 
  • All of our Bifold Doors are engineered and precision built at Aroyan, Inc. 
  • These door/window units are a true “Bifold” design where a total of four panels, filling an opening of 5' to 15', can effortlessly fold completely open. 
  • All of the panels are in the same plane rolling along a single track. 
  • The overhead concealed rolling track allows the doors to stack quietly and effortlessly into a Bifold configuration with two to each side.  This construction ensures long-term precision operation. 
  • When closed and locked, panels can allow for top to bottom full length glass to maximize views or can be broken up by insulated panels below intermediate rails. 
  • All locking components are machined-in perfectly for a flush mount application providing security, integrity, and sleek lines. 
  • Door panels are produced with an appealing low profile narrow stile with a wide variety of glazing options.

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 Examples of Custom Bi-Fold Entrance Projects can be viewed by clicking on the image below

Bomba bifold door link 

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