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Electric Strikes

Electric Strikes

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Trine BZ-12 / BZ-24 Audible Buzzer for DC power
$ 10.00
Trine BZ-12 Audible Buzzer for 12vDC power
Trine BZ-24 Audible Buzzer for 24vDC power Learn More
HES 2006M Plug-In Buzzer
$ 25.00
Add sound to your electric strike activation with a plug-in buzzer

Need to know when people are entering? With the addition of a plug-in buzzer, you'll hear an audible sound every time the strike is energized. An easy way to add security to your access control system.

Works With either 12vDC or 24vDC systems
Learn More
Adams Rite 7400 Series Electric Strike
$ 119.99
Adams Rite Electric Strike for Aluminum Jambs. (Round Corners)
Comes packed with all adapters for either 12/16/24 VAC or VDC inputs.

7400 = Flat Face Plate - (Door Jamb Mount / Single Door Application)
7401 = Round Face Plate -(Door Stile Mount / Pair Of Doors Application)

Fails safe or fail secure functions are field selectable.
(Comes packed as field secure)
Note: Fail safe units should only be operated with DC power. Learn More
Trine 4850 Surface mounted Electric strike for Rim Panic Devices
$ 249.99
The Universal 4850, Surface mounted strike for Rim Panic Devices.

For use with surface mounted rim exit devices with up to 1” throw. For use in new or replacement installations in wood or metal door frames and tight installs. Learn More
HES 9600 Surface Mounted Rim Device Electric Strike
$ 249.99
Installs in metal or wood frames
Separate base and cover for easy adjustments
Stainless steel construction
Tamper resistant
Static strength 2,000 lbs.
Dynamic strength 120 ft-lbs.
Endurance 1,000,000 cycles
Field selectable fail safe/fail secure
Dual voltage 12 or 24 VDC Learn More
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